Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Musings...

This little furball has taken over my a good way for the most part(though those middle of the night potty breaks are tiring).

Jenny loves my yarn and I decided that it was worth giving up a little of it to keep her entertained for awhile.
She doesn't really destroy it, but she loves to take 4 or 5 skeins out at a time and run them all over the family room.

But who can be upset with this face?!?!

I'm also in the process of a mini family room rearrange, but my decorating mojo has left the building at the moment.  What I really need is a total house cleanout, top to bottom.  It's time for a major yard sale.

Have a furry day,


Friday, March 21, 2014

New Life with Spring...

It's been two weeks since I last posted and I thought I should give you all an update.  I'm doing Ok. Mentally, I'm good, I've processed things and I'm not dwelling on the negative... life goes on and so must I.  Physically, this was a very hard week. Nature finally happened and it was very painful, but I'm on the mend.  Thank you all for your kind words and prayers, you all really do mean so very much to me whether you know it or not.
I'm still not sure about trying again, but I won't make any permanent decisions at this time.

Spring arrived yesterday with a fresh blanket of snow for us, but the temperatures are warming and the sun is shining now, so it won't be long before we can break out the sandals and capris(I'm tired of jeans and boots).

Ok, on to the main topic of this post... and yes, I probably am crazy, but luckily I have the most wonderful hubby in the world and he goes along with my whims and desires.    
We got a new baby girl!  I'm  happy and proud to introduce you to little Miss Jenny :)

(the little boys with her on the way home)

Mason adores her, and the feeling is mutual...

Though after only 6 days at home with us, she knows who her mama is :)

Look at that face... even hubby is whipped by her cuteness(and she knows how to work it)

Ya, she does a lot of sleeping. But when she is awake she is so fast it is hard not to get a blurry picture of her.

She is a Sealyham Terrier.

And I am going to groom her into our spritely little hiking and walking companion.

She is doing very well with potty training and is sharp as a tack.
She weighs about 3.5 lbs right now, but she should get to around 10lbs(according to the calculator online) but her breed is around 16-18 lbs. She is a sturdy little dog and is very social.

Sweet, right?

It is definitely like having a newborn in the house, constant attention is needed, but it's worth it.  I have some projects in the works, so hopefully in a few weeks I can get them done and share them with you. But for now, I'm enjoying a soft little furball curled up and sleeping on my lap.

Happy Spring,


Friday, March 7, 2014

4 Times...

Well, I hoped to make a post in a few weeks with some joyous news, but yesterday that all got shattered.  I went in for an ultrasound, I should have been 7 weeks 3 days.  There was a sac measuring a week behind and no heartbeat.  Once again, for the 4th time in 13 months... another miscarriage.  This time though, I get socked in the gut with a missed miscarriage. My body is still acting pregnant, still symptoms, and no signs of it ending soon.

I keep asking myself "why?". Why does this keep happening?  Why do I keep getting teased with being pregnant, only to have it ripped away from me? Why do I have such a strong desire for just one more baby?

I feel like I'm being emotionally tortured.

Yes, I do have seven beautiful children, but a loss is a loss, and it doesn't hurt any less because of blessings I already have.

I don't know if we will try again. I don't know if I can take getting my hopes up again. I don't know if I can handle another loss.  I just don't know anything right now.

I wonder if I'm being tested. And honestly I don't know if I will pass.  I won't say my faith is broken, but it certainly is hurt at the moment.

Today I have to put on my game face, a happy face... for my children(who do not know), for school tonight where I have to help out with art night,  for people at the bus stop(who don't know), for the world.  I feel like this past year has been a lot of me giving to others, doing things to please others, being and doing things that aren't me, and not being true to myself or what I want.  Maybe that sounds selfish and I guess it is,  but I'm worn out.  I'm tired of being insecure, which is really what this past year has been about.  I know I'm rambling and it probably doesn't make sense.  And you really don't want to read a sad and depressing post.  But this is where I am right now. I'm not pretending all is OK, because I'm not OK.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Working On...

The craziness of school volunteering projects is almost over, I just have to get through art night this Friday, then I have a break for awhile.  Today I am cleaning some of my house, I won't get it all done, so I am just taking it one room at a time.  I am really in the mood for some Spring cleaning and having a massive yard sale, but that will have to wait until the snow is gone.

I've slowly been working on this Home Sweet Home sampler that I picked up at Goodwill ages ago. It's starting to come along nicely and I really like the two toned look of it.

Back to cleaning.
Have a great day,


Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm Still Alive...

I could tell you lots of excuses, but basically I've just been busy and life has taken priority to blogging.  
February is dragging on and I am really tired of winter, never thought I would say that, but I'm done with the snow and I need some warm weather and green grass.

So here is what has happened in the last month and half... LOTS... with one Big surprise!

Hubby and I celebrated our 21st Anniversary on January 16th.  He took me to a fancy restaurant in Portland....
 Me and my love...
Cameron and Kellsea ELOPED!!! on January 19th!!!  I have a 20yr old MARRIED Marine for a son!! And I'm now a mother-in-law, wow!!  Needless to say, we will not be going out to California in April now, but we will be flying them both home to Maine in May for a honeymoon.

Mason and I have been going to story time at the library on Tuesday mornings... he loves it!
I cut layers in my hair... all by myself  :)

Made Valentines for Sarah's Valentine swap...

Had lots and lots of this....

We have had 4 or 5 snowdays from school.

Made the February bulletin board for school....

Mason turned 4 on February 8th!!! Holy smokes, my baby is a preschooler!!!

Becca went to the high school's winter formal. She asked a boy and he said YES!!  Unfortunately my camera flaked out and lost the pics of them together and this one of her is not the best quality.  She had a fantastic time.

 Made a Valentine box for my 2nd grader....

Trekked up to the local park and sledded....

 Ya, that is me...

Samantha turned 19 on February 18th!!  All my babies are getting so big.

And we woke up to such beauty this morning....

Didn't like shoveling is last night, but it sure is nice to look at now...

And look at that sky!

So that is it in a nutshell.  Some other things going on too, but I will save those for later.

Have a wonderful day,


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Things...

One week down, and 51 more to go...Hubby and I are trying to go the whole year without spending any money on extra things... we are going to try to stick to a shopping(the kids will still get birthday presents and clothes when needed) other than necessities.  We are putting money in a vacation fund, Christmas account, and regular savings, and extra will go to paying down bills. Because in reality, we really don't "need" anything, most things are just wants. I figure if we have the will power to lose weight, then we have the will power to do this.  So one week in and we are doing good.

And with this new year and new budget, I am going to reexamine things I already have in the house. Weed out the crap and showcase the things I really love.  
I've been cleaning the kitchen and mudroom all day and when I finally got to the point where I could adjust the decor, I started with the kitchen window area.  I was looking at this tiered wire basket stand and realized that I had two white porcelain chamber pots in it. One holding a plant and the other holding dish scrubbers. Then it hit me.... why wasn't my third chamber pot on the top?  I love these chamber pots(yes, my family thinks it is gross and weird to own these, but I like them) but I have never found the right spot to put them all... until now.  It took a bit of finagling to fit that top one in, but it's there now and is holding the dish cloths.
 Now my three white chamber pots are together and right in a spot where I can see them and enjoy them everyday.  All three were from goodwill btw.

I'm off to rid the kitchen of the red Christmas gingham... I'm enjoying light and airy at the moment. Thank goodness redecorating and rearranging doesn't cost anything!!

Have a lovely day,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Bulletin Board...

It's January 7th and I was finally able to get into school and do the January Bulletin board.  The kids were supposed to go back on January 2nd, but because of the weather(first snow and then ice) they had off Thursday, Friday, and Monday too!  We have used up 3 of our 5 built in snow days already and it's only the beginning of winter.  Oh well, the extra long break was nice.

So here is the board...
 The pond turned out more pink than I wanted, but it's fine for something so temporary.
 And the dog mascot became a snowman :)
 My little helper had to wear his batman winter hat that he got from his big sister for Christmas.  He loves it!
Thank you all for the warm wishes for Cameron.  We are looking forward to the wedding :)

Stay warm,